Very Short Stories, Week 17

This past week has been amazing! It started off on a rocky foot, but I’ve managed to take the punches and bounce back.

My book is being edited again. No more excuses. I’m making the time and it’s moving fairly quickly since I’m eager to see it completed!

From the looks of things, I will probably self-publish, but I need to do some further research on it. I’ve had amazing alpha/beta readers, and Grammarly has helped me fix any other mistakes left unnoticed. Once it’s done, I’ll probably get them to do another read and hope it’s as polished as my hands could make it!

The Very Short Stories I’m writing, to me, have started to change since I use them as a sort of warm before I edit my novel. I’ve also allowed myself to play more than I normally do.

Plus, I’ve started adding my main character from my book, Vivian, to some of them to tempt. (Though who knows if that’s what it’s doing.) Those tidbits are more her past and backbone for her story. Thus, you get to see the antagonist, Dr Embridge, too.

Anyways, here they are! Hope you enjoy!


August 6th

Kisses burn

With passion’s flame



like #Wildfire

to her core

now fire herself

She threatens to consume


and his body

Satisfy a woman’s needs

might cool

the heat

but embers catch

alight again

the Pattern repeats

until they’re One

in Lust’s hold


August 7th

Vivian’s eyes shifted colours, betraying her #emotions. The deep blues of the ocean formed in her gaze and she wept. Her sister, Ravenna, stared like an unmoving stone statue at her, cold.

Embridge’s voice called her attention, Deal with her, please.

Vivian’s world went black.


August 8th

The ocean spray reached for her white robes and dampened her hair before the early sun. The water kissed her pale feet, tugging at the fringe of her outfit. She heard it whisper, Join us….

But she couldn’t. The wet wilderness would #evaporate if she failed her task.


August 9th

Morning #glory grew beside the stone cottage. It climbed it, surrounded it like it had caged those inside. Flowers bloomed on its vines, dark violets and sapphires.

The young woman let out a calming breath and approached the only visible part of a door. Her knock rang out.


August 10th

Her body curved, dipped, and dived. Its subtle #peaks tempted him in every way. He grazed across her soft skin with the tip of his tongue until he reached the junction between her thighs. Tasting her sweet nectar, he groaned with need. Her moans encouraged him further.


August 11th

The walls were a bold #vermillion and screamed of hunger. Mind you, that could be the blood stains, he mused as he sat. As usual, he didn’t have to say a word for the waiter to bring him his meal. Thankful for the privacy, he pulled a thin blade from his pocket.

Gentle as a butterfly’s wing, he cut a sharp line an inch long in his human’s wrist. He used the crystal goblet he’d been given to collect it and licked the wound closed when he was done. Fangs appeared where his canines should be as he sipped the warmth of the blood.


August 12th

She wears a #shell to protect her thin skin. It’s lined with shelves filled with words collected through the day. At night, she sheds the second skin, dissects her collection. The sentences run on the treadmill of her mind until they are broken into every hurtful meaning.


Very Short Stories, Week 4

Really enjoying creating these every single day! I have noticed I tend towards certain themes and words though, and I’m trying to break free of it. Thus, if any of the following seem awkward I apologize and hope you managed to enjoy anyways!

Tips welcomed as always!


May 7th

Roots dug mines through the dirt, hunting for water. The soil itself was fragile, and its nutrients grew weaker with time. #Ephemeral flowers dotted the surface though, and their blooms brought visitors. The sound of bumble bees and birds lit the calm, sunny afternoon.


May 8th

The dogs kicked and snored, chasing rabbits in their dreams. She smiled at them, and looked to her side where her husband slept. She rolled over, resting a hand on his side, and placed a light kiss on his cheek. When his eyes opened, she whispered, “I #love you.”


May 9th

Dreams woke her from the soundest sleep. She choked back the scream building in her throat for what she had seen was a vision, a dark tale to be told. Blood boiled beneath flesh, scarring bone. At its #zenith, bodies wailed and vanished as dark wings unfurled into the sky.


May 10th

The ground was a cloud beneath her feet, soft, fluffy, and… dense. Floating above the world, she dared look down to admire the seas of forest and the spots of wild flowers. In seconds, the plants vanished, and concrete and asphalt claimed the world. Life was #surreal.


May 11th

M A narrow tunnel led to the underground facility, carved straight down at first before it twisted into a single level. Not one window allowed light in, and yet children grew in the #aphotic site. Plants reached for an invisible sky under tender care, thriving in the dark.


May 12th

Armed with a cloth, her hands wiped the surfaces of the home, removing the tiniest specks of dust and dirt. Her every step a soft bounce as she danced to the music blaring from her stereo. Beads of sweat formed on her brow, but the smile on her lips was #beatific.


May 13th

The #Azure gemstone graced the silver engagement ring like snow on a mountain peak. It belonged to it; both pieces of the same puzzle. Careful hands pulled it from its velvet shelter, and slid it on to a delicate finger. Smiles as bright as the sun graced their lips.

Very Short Stories, Week Two

Here’s week two of my #vss365 for you all to enjoy! Let me know if you think any would be good for poems or ‘actual’ short stories.
Prompt words are denoted by the #.


April 23rd

Clothes ripped beneath #vehement hands, fueled by the need to touch skin. Patience was a virtue, but neither one claimed it in this lustful moment. “I need you now,” he whispered to his lover. Their naked bodies stuck together, desperation in the sweat that covered them.


April 24th

The needle slipped through small holes, thread in its grasp, and the stitches came to life. This is a #vapid task if ever there was one, she mused, glancing about the room to the window. The sun summoned her to play in the trees, forsake the arts of a woman. If only…


April 25th

Noise was nothing to the #volcano, only a reminder of life. It sat with hard earned patience as plants tried to reclaim it, calm it.

Footsteps marred its glory in unwanted paths, and voices taunted it with their disregard.

The time has come, it thought and ash rained.


April 26th

The choices forced her to #vacillate between them, like a swing swaying in the wind. I can’t even be considering giving up on writing, she mused, a frown upon her rosy lips. As if the sky had chosen for her, a torn out page of a book flew past her. She picked up the pen.


April 27th

The weather was cool, misty, and welcome, perfect for relaxing. Sparse clouds blocked the sun now and then, letting them enjoy the water beneath the dock. Toes dangled, teasing the water, and fish swam deep below the surface. Now this is a #vacation, they smiled.


April 28th

The victim’s blood coated the walls like a soft waterfall. Scouring the room, the killer searched out every potential #vestige of evidence, until she was certain no trace of her remained. Sirens were heard in the distance, and urged her to run. There was no time left.


April 29th

#Victory knows no equal for it rains glory and success from the clouds. Bath in its splendour for its temptation touches all, and bids all to hold it close. Clutched to the breast, victory is a lover like no other. Enjoy its kiss for it fades all too quickly in a world of greed.