Very Short Stories, Week Two

Here’s week two of my #vss365 for you all to enjoy! Let me know if you think any would be good for poems or ‘actual’ short stories.
Prompt words are denoted by the #.


April 23rd

Clothes ripped beneath #vehement hands, fueled by the need to touch skin. Patience was a virtue, but neither one claimed it in this lustful moment. “I need you now,” he whispered to his lover. Their naked bodies stuck together, desperation in the sweat that covered them.


April 24th

The needle slipped through small holes, thread in its grasp, and the stitches came to life. This is a #vapid task if ever there was one, she mused, glancing about the room to the window. The sun summoned her to play in the trees, forsake the arts of a woman. If only…


April 25th

Noise was nothing to the #volcano, only a reminder of life. It sat with hard earned patience as plants tried to reclaim it, calm it.

Footsteps marred its glory in unwanted paths, and voices taunted it with their disregard.

The time has come, it thought and ash rained.


April 26th

The choices forced her to #vacillate between them, like a swing swaying in the wind. I can’t even be considering giving up on writing, she mused, a frown upon her rosy lips. As if the sky had chosen for her, a torn out page of a book flew past her. She picked up the pen.


April 27th

The weather was cool, misty, and welcome, perfect for relaxing. Sparse clouds blocked the sun now and then, letting them enjoy the water beneath the dock. Toes dangled, teasing the water, and fish swam deep below the surface. Now this is a #vacation, they smiled.


April 28th

The victim’s blood coated the walls like a soft waterfall. Scouring the room, the killer searched out every potential #vestige of evidence, until she was certain no trace of her remained. Sirens were heard in the distance, and urged her to run. There was no time left.


April 29th

#Victory knows no equal for it rains glory and success from the clouds. Bath in its splendour for its temptation touches all, and bids all to hold it close. Clutched to the breast, victory is a lover like no other. Enjoy its kiss for it fades all too quickly in a world of greed.