Very Short Stories, Week 4

Really enjoying creating these every single day! I have noticed I tend towards certain themes and words though, and I’m trying to break free of it. Thus, if any of the following seem awkward I apologize and hope you managed to enjoy anyways!

Tips welcomed as always!


May 7th

Roots dug mines through the dirt, hunting for water. The soil itself was fragile, and its nutrients grew weaker with time. #Ephemeral flowers dotted the surface though, and their blooms brought visitors. The sound of bumble bees and birds lit the calm, sunny afternoon.


May 8th

The dogs kicked and snored, chasing rabbits in their dreams. She smiled at them, and looked to her side where her husband slept. She rolled over, resting a hand on his side, and placed a light kiss on his cheek. When his eyes opened, she whispered, “I #love you.”


May 9th

Dreams woke her from the soundest sleep. She choked back the scream building in her throat for what she had seen was a vision, a dark tale to be told. Blood boiled beneath flesh, scarring bone. At its #zenith, bodies wailed and vanished as dark wings unfurled into the sky.


May 10th

The ground was a cloud beneath her feet, soft, fluffy, and… dense. Floating above the world, she dared look down to admire the seas of forest and the spots of wild flowers. In seconds, the plants vanished, and concrete and asphalt claimed the world. Life was #surreal.


May 11th

M A narrow tunnel led to the underground facility, carved straight down at first before it twisted into a single level. Not one window allowed light in, and yet children grew in the #aphotic site. Plants reached for an invisible sky under tender care, thriving in the dark.


May 12th

Armed with a cloth, her hands wiped the surfaces of the home, removing the tiniest specks of dust and dirt. Her every step a soft bounce as she danced to the music blaring from her stereo. Beads of sweat formed on her brow, but the smile on her lips was #beatific.


May 13th

The #Azure gemstone graced the silver engagement ring like snow on a mountain peak. It belonged to it; both pieces of the same puzzle. Careful hands pulled it from its velvet shelter, and slid it on to a delicate finger. Smiles as bright as the sun graced their lips.


9 thoughts on “Very Short Stories, Week 4

  1. They weren’t awkward at all! In fact, they had a lovely feel to it! All of them! I always wonder how people manage to weave such beautiful stories with so less words!
    I also had a silly question, why the ‘#’ before certain words, is that the word indicating the central idea or something?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I always feel the same reading what others have written, too. I never feel mine measures up, and that everyone else is doing something better! Got to work on that, I guess. πŸ˜›

      And the ‘#’ means it is the prompt word for that day. It’s the #vss365 on Twitter, and there’s someone new each month who does the prompts. πŸ™‚


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