Finding, Removing, Replacing Words

It is a daunting task to be complete master over your work. Both its creator and editor and in some ways, its ultimate judge. We are our worst critics and this goes to whatever we produce.

The trick? Don’t feed that voice too much, because it will keep you frozen and you won’t move forward. It makes you think avoiding doing anything is the best choice and to follow the herd instead of yourself.

But tell the mother *&%$&* to shut up! Do what you need to do. At the end of the day, there is always that process of editing, erasing, replacing words, lines, colours. If it isn’t quite right, because YOU think so, you can fix that (or recruit someone to help if needs be).

It’s tedious, but I like finding, removing, and replacing words in my book. It adds, it changes, it evolves as a result of this process. The same way a painter, a sketcher, or a knitter build in layers, so too must a writer.

First, it starts with creation. Get it on a page, good or bad. It may feel like shit at points, but it is better to work with something than nothing. Kind of like trying to make a baked potato, but without heat. You get it on a page and then you apply heat to cook in the form of editing, revising, rereading (out loud to test flow). You get feedback and you use it grow your book, mold it into the final product.

And today that is what I have been doing (despite a late start and seemingly complete disregard for my self-created schedule). I am apply some more heat to my book by finding new words (creating new details, sentences, etc), and removing words that don’t work or do what I need them to do. The words I remove are sometimes replaced which I have a lot of fun with (just don’t try and brainstorm with me or I’ll lose the thread!).

I have only gotten two chapters done in this stage of cooking today, but I’m hoping to get five more done before I gotta make dinner and do laundry (the fun stuff, right?). I had to add some content, because of one of the changes and I enjoyed it.

Got my tunes going, my bottle of water in reach, and fingers not yet tired from scrolling/typing!

Hope today is full of productivity (if you want it to be)!


I don’t sit there waiting for that perfect, beautiful sentence, because I know I’m going to sit there forever. So, as I tell students -start out by tripping, why don’t you? Then get up and fall over again. Just as long as you go. ~ Kathryn Harrison


P.S. New song find of the day on Spotify for me:

Down by the Water by Amy Macdonald


Baking Soothes A Riled Soul

Yesterday I spent the day at my parents helping my mom back cupcakes. I got there around 9:30 am and was there til 10:30 pm. It was a day filled with sarcasm, laughter, love, and plenty of messes (especially towards the end).

The motto of the day, ‘I don’t care’, was sung and led to (partial) singing of I Love It by Icona Pop. If one of us asked a question, ‘I don’t care’ was sung in response, and led to some fun of its own. I think it kept us relaxed as we backed eleven dozen cupcakes.

Now, today is Superbowl 53 with the Patriots and Rams going head to head. (No, I don’t follow football or any sport at all, but my dad hosts a party every year with food, and so… what else need I know?) My brother and my future sister-in-law decided it would be a good cake testing time since my mom is making their cake. There will also be some bridal shower talk taking place with the mother of the bride.

She asked me to help, and of course I said yes. They won’t be told I helped, because they probably won’t eat the cupcakes if told. It was fun, but a lot of work as they were not traditional flavours. They were exotic, fruity, and alcoholic (and outside the typical box my mom and I bake in).

We made Triple Salted Caramel, Galatic (which involved Mars bars), Bourbon Cherry Chocolate, Carrot (weird flavour for a WEDDING cake, I think), Banana, Red Velvet, and Chocolate Covered Strawberries cupcakes. They each held their own challenges.

Carrot and Banana were easy to make. I’ve made Banana before (we used my recipe), but not Carrot. I dislike the flavour immensely. They turned out beautiful; nice roundness to the top, and with cream cheese icing, they’ll be delicious!

Red Velvet and Chocolate Covered Strawberry were the most annoying, because of the alternating of adding ingredients. They were also the last two we made and that could be why I found them annoying, too. I made a mess with the one, turning on my mom’s Kitchenaid Mixer to a high speed and sending flour everywhere by accident. Got us laughing though!

The Chocolate Covered Strawberry was tedious since the strawberries are dipped in chocolate and then chocolate is drizzled for adornment on to the strawberries. We also had to blend strawberries to put in the icing which tasted great, (good job, mom!), but they look amazing now.

Triple Salted Caramel and Galatic were fun and simple. Nothing beyond the normal there, and the Mars bars in the later recipe were probably a little heavy in the muffin tins. They melted and made everything gooey, which makes it horrible for a support cake.

The icing for the Triple Salted Caramel was good! I tasted it before the melted caramels were added, and it kind of took over the taste. You still got hints of the other flavours, but I would halve the caramels next time we make it. Thankfully my mom thought the same thing, but it is just a tasting, right?

The one I hated most to make though was the Bourbon Cherry Chocolate. It was ALL I COULD SMELL when making it. The bourbon was ridiculously strong, and I hope it baked off a bit. The icing also had bourbon in it, and it was all I could taste.

Now the reason I hated making the Bourbon Cherry Chocolate is I am not a drinker. In fact I can’t remember the last time I had anything alcoholic, and thus my tolerance is REALLY low. I can get drunk off a cooler or tanked off a shot of hard liquor. I don’t drink as a preference really which is enforced by having a family member who was an alcoholic til the day he died.

However my brother LOVES having a good drink, rum and coke style. In response, my mom pulled out a ton of recipes that called for alcohol, and he chose that one. I hope he likes it, but I definitely don’t want to help make 150 ones for their wedding.

I really needed the bake day with my mom, it helped re-energize me even if I am super sore today. (Literally can hear my feet screaming at me). Low energy has been a growing theme the past few days, and I’m still not back to my usual self, but I’m on my way there.

Before I forget, my word count was 398 for Friday. I got something on the page, but my appointment was at a weird time of day. It threw me off, and thankfully that will change in the next couple weeks. Instead of having an appointment every week, it will be once a month! Should speed things up!

Anyways, hope you all have a great day whether you’re watching the Superbowl, or enjoying your lives in other ways!

Something that you feel will finds its own form. ~ Jack Kerouac

P.S. I realize now I should have taken photos of the decorated cupcakes to show you guys! I will try and update it later with some!