BraveWrite, Week 4

September 26th

He sits across from his therapist as she checks off #boxes in her mind. She scribbles notes down from his answers and he bites his lip from asking. He’s new to this. His leg bounces, up and down, anxious for answers. Anxious to be told it’s not in his head.


September 27th

The wind kisses the leaves with a playful breeze and dances with fading flowers. Insects buzz in swirls around his ears. Rough bark reaches for skin through thick sweaters but he welcomes its affirming touch. He #listens to nature, sat upon its packed dirt.


September 28th

She talked to herself through every task. Rambled and raved. No audience required for the #insane mutterings she came across. She told stories in whispers and shouts. She told stories of the sad and mad. It kept her amused. They called her crazy, but she knew where her marbles were.


September 29th

She held the leash loosely in her right hand as her dog marched forward, nose to the ground. Their feet and paws crunched on the #crisp leaves felled by Autumn’s breeze. Her eyes were vigilant for any threats to her dog and thankfully her dog listened when needed.


September 30th

The #epoch of her life had been the four years in university. She sat in the back, hiding her mind from classmates and professors. She toyed around on her laptop, unable to focus. Anxiety thrummed in her heartbeat, coaxing her into depressive and manic episodes.


October 1st

She stands out like a sore thumb covered in scars, tattoos, and piercings. Surrounded by girls in booty shorts and crop tops, she flashes her middle finger at the cookie cutters. She’s #contrarian and bucks the social norm. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


October 2nd

She was without an #anchor in the storm. The ropes that tied her to the docks had long since frayed, rubbed repeatedly between boat and wood. She nose dived under a large wave, its waters threatening to fill her. Alone in the harbour, she wondered how long she’d last.



Very Short Stories, Week 19

It’s been a tough week and I still feel lost and unsure. I know I should push forward and fight to normalize my routine again but… The weight of Jasper’s death still clings to me and the silence is a knife straight through my heart.

I hope by trying to tap into other things for the prompts, I might banish this sadness that comes in waves. Hopefully, the ache will lessen with a bit more time and I’ll be able to carry on.

Anyways, the vssof this week still deal with Jasper, but I tried to write about other things, too. I hope you enjoy them.


August 20th

My #haven is my pets. The soft touch of their fur on my hands and their attentive, soul piercing gaze as they listen to every word. I lost a piece of my haven last night. His barks that woke me with his demands. His warmth as he snuggled close at night. Gone. But not forever.


August 21st

Staring at the x-rays of her dog, she was #blindsided by the news.

We usually see this with cancer, the vet explained.

The rest of his words were lost on her and tears fell like silent rain down her cheeks. Her husband’s hand was rough yet warm as it rubbed her shoulder.


August 22nd

The #wilds of the world shrink and shrivel in the grasp of greedy humans. Trees fall, uprooted and cut. Lakes dry under an unforgiving sun. Grassy meadows become concrete beaches. Our touch turns the world into a cold, unforgiving landscape. Nature’s tears and cries unheard.


August 23rd

#Bright lights twinkled like rare gems above them. A sky full of treasure they’d never see or know. The soft colours danced upon the packed dirt and they followed it forward, hands clasped in each others. The world was still and silent as they reached the clear waters.


August 24th

The silence is neverending. An unbreakable entity consuming any whisper of noise and leaving a desperate void in its wake. She cries but the sounds of her sobs dissipate into a vacant air. Sadness fills her gaze like waters in a still lake. The ripples #shatter silence.


August 25th

Even when the #skyline hid behind trees, her bare feet carried her onward. Just beyond the horizon, she repeated, dragging her tired soul despite its cries. In the daylight, the sun battered her skin through ripped fabric. Her raspy breaths echoed in her ears as she collapsed.


August 26th

I #confess

my heart is broken

my mind is unguided

my body is hollowed.

I confess

my path forward is gone

my dream is muddled

my goals lost to time

I confess

I don’t know what to do

Take time to heal

or push right through.

I confess

my only solace is sleep

and it calls again.

Writing With Needy Animals

My office seems to be the zone of extreme neediness in my husband and mine’s pet. Our two dogs hover around us, and the cats take turns looking for attention.

During the day, Jasper (our shih tzu) is pretty chill, choosing to sleep away the hours in peace then play with any toys. He’s been like that since he was a puppy and is now thirteen years old! My big issue with him is he has become an even grumpier asshole. He growls at the cats and the dogs for any perceived invasion of space or because they are purring. He settles down, but sometimes it takes a minute and you have to keep an eye.

Raven (our beagle) follows his lead somewhat. She’ll sleep a decent chunk, but if I talk at all, she is instantly pawing at me for some petting. She has periods of energy that are hard to burn out and she will fetch her toys, but keep away is really her game of choice.

Nyx (our tortoise coloured cat) is just a bitch if I’m honest. She swats both our dogs, and used to ‘hunt’ them, too. She caused a nice superficial cut on Raven’s ear that sent blood all over the place. Thankfully it wasn’t serious and just poorly located. Nyx is pretty much my husband’s cat so when he is home, she is with him. She runs to greet him at the door and it is quite cute and endearing.

My biggest issue when it comes to writing, or trying to, is my other cat, Hotch (he is solid black). He has a mouth on him. He constantly seems to be meowing. His food dish could be filled to the brim, and he will still sing a song of how he is starving. He meows for attention. He meows to announce his presence in the room. He rubs against my legs constantly when I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth. He rushes to the door when I let the dogs out. He loves my dogs, but it isn’t mutual for the most part.

The thing is, Hotch has no understanding of BOUNDARIES. If it weren’t for Nyx, he would spend the entire night sleeping ON me, purring. If I take a nap during the day (because I’m sick or whatever), he is ON me. In fact, I just had to move him from my keyboard and the desk. He thinks it is his nap spot. Mind you, he also sleeps where we dry our dishes and on our freezer chest.

I love all my pets, honestly, and despite the various problems they have, they are my furry, four pawed babies. I just wish there was someway to deal with them and be continually productive, y’know? Raven needs heavy duty walks which will come with warmer weather, but I have no clue how to change my cats’ behaviour to less obsessive.

Still, I managed to write 420 words so far regardless of the repeated interruptions!

Winter’s Bark

Paw prints decorate the snow,

Telling tales in winter’s glow,

Of their runs in bitter fluff,

Proving they are made of tougher stuff.

Dogs may shiver at the door,

Yet still they wish to play some more,

Chasing snowballs in the cold,

And barking, if they be so bold.

I wield my shovel to make a path,

So even tiny shih tzus,

May avoid a frozen bath.snowy.maze.jpg

Wrote this to commemorate another year of shovelling the backyard for my two dogs, Jasper the Shih Tzu and Raven the beagle. Raven freezes despite a sweater and coat, and refuses to wear any sort of bootie. Jasper will bark for days outside until we fetch him in, tired of waiting. You would think in the middle of winter, there’s not much to sniff at, but they find something or other. [Jasper on the left, Raven on the right]