Very Short Stories, Week 24

I missed the weekend prompts for my posts this week so there a bit short. Hope you don’t mind!


September 24th

#Fire licked across the stacked logs, surrounded by placed brick. It grew until it crackled and sparked and its flames reached for the starry night sky. She sat with her husband on folding lawn chairs. No words passed between them as the heat warmed them.


September 25th

She wrapped the #sinew around the willow twigs that formed a circle. It required a soft touch and yet force was needed too. She continued until the web was formed, decorated with beads the colour of rainbows. As she kissed her son’s head that night, she hung the dream catcher


September 26th

Night #consumes the day and she readies herself. Dressed in black, she lifts herself onto the window sill. Its tracks bite into her palms and she drops when it’s time. The two-storey fall is quick and she lands with a thud, rolling for cover. She draws in a deep breath.


September 27th


Stars twinkle in distant #universes, lighting skies above alien life. Through telescopes, gazes meet but remain unaware. Life continues its circling dance. She dreams of unknown planets and longs to walk on foreign soil. Her imagination is a playground of planets.


September 28th


September 29th


September 30th

His bare feet were numb on the cold, wet road. The ragged clothes on his body were no shelter from the howling wind. There was no frown on this boy’s face. He wore a stubborn scowl like a shield and pressed forward. It was #inevitable in his mind that he’d find shelter.


Life’s Demands

I am TIRED today, that’s for sure. The weekend was busy. My husband, Andrew, and I helped my brother and future sister-in-law set up their Stag and Doe on Saturday. We also helped with clean up at the end. It was about 2:30 am when sleep finally found us at home, tucked in tight, and it was a deep sleep.

After waking up around 11 am, still feeling strung out despite no alcohol or sugar or caffeine, I dragged Andrew to my parents’ to groom their one dog. He’s a little shih tzu, 13 years old, half blind, and tender from the ‘abuse’ of their younger husky mix 60 lb bully. He had a couple spots on his one ear that I could not touch and some matting. Not to mention a love of his personal bubble not being disrupted.

The real kicker about this dog is… He HATES being groomed despite having endured it for many, many, many years!

Baxter’s face is usually the worst to do, but I decided to put it first and he was decent for it. (To clarify, by worst, I mean he tries to eat my hands for touching his face). I switch my blades out on my clippers to keep them cool (plus using a coolant spray). I am gentle as can be when trimming mats out, and tidying up his butt and genital area.

Still, Baxter got me a couple good times on my holding hand (which is my left hand). My wrist is somewhat bruised as a result, and I will have to watch for infection on my one thumb where he actually drew blood. (The joys of bacteria).

I am not afraid of getting bit, I will admit. It was an eventuality when I worked in a grooming salon at PetSmart so I got over it. I only got bit a couple times there, and only once that was close to Baxter’s intensity.  I know he is going to be an ass about his grooming going in, and I still try lovey-dovey talk. I give him a few breaks, let him go potty outside (more than a lot of grooming places offer), and still he hates it/me.

Sometimes I wish dogs could understand us so that when I say “If you stand still, it’ll be over faster”, they might actually listen! My parents feel bad that he goes at me even though I reassure them it’s fine. I am pretty good at dodging, you know? But I think the real source of the problem, outside of his physical maladies, is I have an assertive energy and… he doesn’t like it. He’ll cuddle with me after a few visits when he’s forgotten the ‘trauma’ of the groom, but we play a game of avoidance us two.

Despite being tired from the grooming of Baxter and helping family out, I’m managing to find time to exercise (mainly with Xbox 360 Kinect’s aid), but my heart gets beating and I work up a sweat. I’m pretty happy about doing it, and hope I can keep it up. I’m also thinking it will help my productivity in other areas (like my book). Fingers crossed it does!

Plus, losing some weight can’t hurt me anymore than having the extra pounds does, right?

Anyways, better get back to work! Sadly, the elves don’t come at night and write my book for me! Take care of yourselves!


P.S. My brother and his future wife visited while I was grooming Baxter and it was actually a good interaction! No fighting, no bickering. It felt nice, and I gotta say… I’m feeling closer to my brother than I once did. The unprompted hug and thank you I got Saturday night doesn’t hurt either!