Deadland (A Huitain Poem Attempt)

Lost in this wasteland of a mind.

It’s Earth burned, scarred, and dying.

Leaves are rusted streaks in rotted vines.

Ground now barren, plants left drying.

How to fix what is now horrifying?

Wish for rain, and till the pained land.

Turn ashes to life, so gratifying.

Surely prayers can save the damned.


6 thoughts on “Deadland (A Huitain Poem Attempt)

  1. “rusted streaks in rotted vines” – my dutiful efforts at life kind of resemble that, haha!

    Hopefully it’s something prayers can fix, too, for mee.

    Good Huitain Poem attempt, man. It sounds great.


    1. I’m sure we all feel that way at points in our lives!

      And I’m sure they can. I believe prayers, wishes, etc urge us to do what we need to fix what needs fixing. They’re a reminder in my eyes that works needs to be done.

      Thank you. 🙂

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