Very Short Stories, Week 15

Good morning, friends! Couple things to share today…

This week, My hubby and I are taking one of our nephews to stay with us. There’ll probably be some Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Swimming, splash pads, day trips. Or maybe a more lazy week with in home reading and crafting. Who knows!

Because of this, I will most likely be absent from my blog and less active on Twitter (if you follow me on there; if not, here’s me! @KEMwriting ). There’s no point trying to guarantee blog posts when I’m going to be focused on having fun and laughs with my nephew!

It also means little editing will be done on my book. I plan on making time for it since the writer’s life for me will eventually mean children of my own. This will be a great way to figure that aspect out more.

While I’m off for a week of joy and adventures, I hope this week is fulfilling for the rest of you! Take care!

Oh, and enjoy my very short stories just below!


July 23rd

This is #folly, she cried and barrelled out the open window of the train compartment after her friend. She heard a splash seconds before cold water surrounded her, pulling at her limbs. Unbuttoning her heavy clothes, she sprung to the surface and sought out her friend.


July 24th

Such a waste of time, she determined and slammed her laptop closed. What a #joke, thinking I could be a writer. She tossed her USB across the room and left it there like a piece of forgotten trash.


Pick me up now, it seemed to say from the floor. We’re not done yet.


July 25th

Vivian stepped out of her room and the black dress clung to her body like a wet glove. A hesitant smile played on her lips as she descended the staircase. In front of Damian’s hungry gaze, her cheeks turned scarlet.


His kiss was sudden yet she #answered it with passion.


July 26th

Give ’em #hell, his dad said and tapped his gloves.

He entered the cage to the roars of the crowd and threw his arms up high with his own shout. Pacing back and forth, he watched his opponent. They approached each other, knocked fists and squared up.

The bell rang.


July 27th

What’s your #intent with my son? she asked. Her legs were crossed, hands rested on her knee.

I plan on making him happy til the end of my days, he answered and smiled. He fiddled with the ring box in his pocket.

That settles it then. You have my blessing, she grinned.



July 28th

Do you get it yet?

I want You gone



Into a Darkness

only You can


Tired of cruel whims

that Sabotage my attempts

You’re a bad taste



I #renounce You

and Your Tainted Touch



Your Traitorous ways


Goodbye, Reflection



July 29th

#Stray dogs littered the streets; unwanted and untended. She shook her head at the sight until a wet nose kissed her hand. Smiling, she stroked the ragged pup and it demanded belly rubs. I can’t save them all but I can save this one, she mused and took it home with her.


Very Short Stories, Week 3

Despite being sick the whole week with a cold that knocked me on my ass, I kept strong with the very short stories. Gave me a reason to crawl out of bed, and shun sleep a little while longer. Hope you enjoy them!

April 30th

Like a flash of lightning, her last breath was gone. She was still as if made of stone, laid on the bed. Only a hint of air shifted her grey hair; the only movement in the silent room.

Death’s cloak enveloped her, hands held in solitude, and they #vanished together.


May 1st

The flutist’s fingers were adept upon the keys of her instrument, creating an illusion of springtime. The scent of flowers, lustrous and bright, filled the air, and the audience edged ever forward. A soft note echoed, the #cadence fulfilled, and the band joined in her.


May 2nd

#Effervescence was the only word to describe the thunderstorm. Lightning crackled in forked vines across a liquid black sky. The flashes sparkled in the droplets of rain, danced about by the fierce wind. It all hit the ground in large crashes, loud enough to tumble houses.


May 3rd

The battle rang with steel clashing against steel, and the whistles of arrows meant to kill. Yet there was a lone woman on the field, surrounded by enemies. Attired in light leather, she looked #demure even with a long sword clenched in her fists, raised to her opponents.


May 4th

Waves of navy blue crested in white caps rocked the ship from side to side. The wind screamed against the haul, whipping the men about underneath the rain.
“At least it can’t get any worse!” they said.
Looking past the stern, the captain screamed in fury, “#maelstrom!”


May 5th

Gunfire ricocheted off the buildings along with the sound of footsteps and shouted commands. Shaking off the nostalgia of buried memories, she raced towards her brothers at arms. This is no time to #reminisce, she brooded, and showered her enemies with metallic death.

May 6th

The #waif stood alone, hidden in the shadows cast by a noon day sun. A weak smile took form on his thin lips at the sight of the man in a suit. The man’s pocket drooped with the weight of a wallet, and the child would gladly take the burden from him.

A Writer’s Prayer

I don’t know what to write.

Ringing fills my ears

And my voice is a faint whisper.


Words vanish as I reach for them

Thoughts die in vain

And all I want is to fill this page.


Light a candle, say a prayer

Maybe someone out there

Will send me something to say.


Sorry for this crappy poem

But this bug has made my body

Its vile home.


Robbed of health, I cannot write.

Here’s hoping tomorrow

This will be set right.