Very Short Stories, Week 1

As promised, here are my #vss365(s) for the week. It isn’t quite a full seven days, but I want to make a habit of posting them on Mondays.

I have enjoyed the prompts so far, and toyed with themes of nature, love, comedy, and death. It will be interesting to see where the prompts continue to take me. I’ve enjoyed the challenge thus far, after all!

The prompt words are in bold letters, and I would love to see some Very Short Stories of your own! Also, if you want to see any of this in a poem or short story let me know!

Anyways, here they are!

April 17th

The #veneer covered the coarseness of the room, calming it into a beauty, but she could only hate it. It is a mask, a facade, she thought as her eyes longed for the rugged stone and rough wood beneath it. “Why must we hide the beauty of truth?”


April 18th

This Love was poison, slithering through the veins like a snake until it found the heart. Latching on with a bite, the #venom burned with need and longing, forsaking everything for the One. A thoughtless victim to Love’s cruel whims. But it felt so damn good.


April 19th

Burgers sizzled on the grill of the bbq, to the left of the wooden deck. Chatter filled the air, mingled with laughter, and tummies growled beneath the noise. “Hey!” the people greeted the new guest, rose to give hugs. “Burgers?” she asked, “But I’m #vegan.”


April 20th

Mist filtered off the lake in swaths, hiding the calm water. Dew clung to the green blades of grass, and birds called from the leaf burdened trees. Each morning, blooming flowers greeted the sun as it lifted nature’s #veil on the world. All while I sipped tea on my deck.


April 21st

The house was caked in filth. Dust on every surface. Grime on all the furniture. Not one wanted to clean the bathroom. The kitchen is where the downfall of the owner could be found. Copious amounts of empty liquer bottles killed the small space. His #vice had killed him.


April 22nd

The #vague memories of her past tugged on the corners of her mind. Images flashed before her eyes like still shots, and taunted her with silence. A puzzle of color, and her world was shades of grey. Dreary rain tapped at the windows. She could only move forward now.