Very Short Stories, Week 5

Hello again! My promised Monday post of my very short stories for the week, and I hope you enjoy them!

The ‘#’ in front of the one word means it was the prompt word for that day, and there were some really tricky ones this past week. Still, I managed to rise to the challenge, and enhance my vocabulary by working something out.

To my fellow Canadians, hope your are enjoying the long weekend, and Victoria’s Day! My husband and I are setting off some fireworks tonight (in hopes of shrinking our far too large collection).

Anyways, take care of yourselves!


May 14th

The body lay there, #supine, in the grassy knoll, and haunted eyes stared towards the starry skies. Blood outlined the corpse in a crimson aura, morbid yet beautiful.

Howls of wolves echoed through the night, an eerie song to mourn the dead under a moonless night.


May 15th

Music pounded above the chatter, the beat louder than the melody, but she swayed to it. Downing her whiskey in a chug, she rose from the table, and danced to the center of the writhing bodies. Surrounded on all sides, she twirled her #lithe form like a lustful seductress.


May 16th

A roar echoed through the stone cavern, drowning out the sound of hooves. What the… he thought, and aimed his flashlight’s beam towards the noise. It lit up the source, revealing a lion’s head, a goat’s body, and its prehensile snake tail.  #Chimera! he screamed and ran


May 17th

The #flotsam spanned the better part of a mile. Fires burned idly on barrels and pieces of wood strewn about the waves. The clear waters showed the vessel beneath, ripped asunder by cruel whims. Only one thing stood out to the ship that happened upon it; no bodies.


May 18th

Dust filled the wind, swirling to and fro in its grasp. It filled the lungs of the townspeople, and they hacked to rid themselves of its dryness.

Clouds filled the sky in the early evening hours, and rain fell to the ground in a sudden fury. The #petrichor was welcomed.


May 19th

Walking past the Bath and Body Works store was excruciating for them. The fragrant products had a strong #sillage, and rid the oxygen from the space. The scents clashed, waging war in their nostrils, and all that would come from it was a headache.


May 20th

His fingers brushed the side of her cheek as he placed a wayward strand behind her ear. She sucked in her breath, sensing his hesitation, and shivered in delight when his lips found hers at last.

The #myriad of voices in her head were silenced in that brief moment.

Very Short Stories, Week Two

Here’s week two of my #vss365 for you all to enjoy! Let me know if you think any would be good for poems or ‘actual’ short stories.
Prompt words are denoted by the #.


April 23rd

Clothes ripped beneath #vehement hands, fueled by the need to touch skin. Patience was a virtue, but neither one claimed it in this lustful moment. “I need you now,” he whispered to his lover. Their naked bodies stuck together, desperation in the sweat that covered them.


April 24th

The needle slipped through small holes, thread in its grasp, and the stitches came to life. This is a #vapid task if ever there was one, she mused, glancing about the room to the window. The sun summoned her to play in the trees, forsake the arts of a woman. If only…


April 25th

Noise was nothing to the #volcano, only a reminder of life. It sat with hard earned patience as plants tried to reclaim it, calm it.

Footsteps marred its glory in unwanted paths, and voices taunted it with their disregard.

The time has come, it thought and ash rained.


April 26th

The choices forced her to #vacillate between them, like a swing swaying in the wind. I can’t even be considering giving up on writing, she mused, a frown upon her rosy lips. As if the sky had chosen for her, a torn out page of a book flew past her. She picked up the pen.


April 27th

The weather was cool, misty, and welcome, perfect for relaxing. Sparse clouds blocked the sun now and then, letting them enjoy the water beneath the dock. Toes dangled, teasing the water, and fish swam deep below the surface. Now this is a #vacation, they smiled.


April 28th

The victim’s blood coated the walls like a soft waterfall. Scouring the room, the killer searched out every potential #vestige of evidence, until she was certain no trace of her remained. Sirens were heard in the distance, and urged her to run. There was no time left.


April 29th

#Victory knows no equal for it rains glory and success from the clouds. Bath in its splendour for its temptation touches all, and bids all to hold it close. Clutched to the breast, victory is a lover like no other. Enjoy its kiss for it fades all too quickly in a world of greed.

You Never Did

[I know, I know. Another poem, but I wrote it in response to a prompt. To keep me writing. It is about love once again, but who doesn’t enjoy a sappy or heartbreaking story? Enjoy!]
Remember that morning?
We woke up side by side
Our hands entwined
I stared at you in awe
Wondering, breathlessly,
How such a sight
Handsome, rugged
Yet gentle
Could grace my gaze.
Remember that morning?
It seems a lifetime ago
The sun rose, waking our garden,
Lighting the world
With its radiance
And we watched from our deck
Or you did at least
While I thought up the ways
I loved you.
Remember that morning?
You wore a brave face
Smiled though you avoided me
Assuming the motions of our life
And then you dropped it
Shattering it into minuscule shards
Your words the ragged glass
That wounded me.
You left me an empty shell.
But it’s okay
You don’t have to love me.
I know you never did.

Reading: All I’m Doing Today

Since I’ve finished my book for the moment, I’m taking the day ‘off’, and going to read. I haven’t done much reading and it is definitely essential if you want to write. So… I need to catch up on it.

Honestly, I might take a break or two from reading and knit or draw. Perhaps find an interesting writing prompt and attempt a short story. Who knows?

What I do know is, my book is on pause before I reread it and check the new details/sections/etc that I added. Better to do that when it isn’t so fresh in the mind. (Damn autocorrect in our brains!) Reading someone else’s work should help me get my own story out of my mind for when I need to check it again, too.

The background noise will be rotation of almost pure silence, a black cat frequently meowing, and snoring, dreaming dogs. Perhaps some music at points, too!

That”s all for today! Hope you guys are running towards your goals and achieving them too!

A writer is a reader who is moved to emulation. ~ Saul Bellow