Very Short Stories, Week 12

My traditional Monday post is here! The past week has flown by and had some amazing prompt words, too.

I will say I think this week’s very short stories were somewhat influenced by The Mentalist. Most of them seem to belong in a darker category, but there can be beauty in that, too.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!


July 2nd

The dandelion stems were a #braid bound by delicate fairy fingers. Yellow petals were balanced atop the dusty curls, a token for their princess. Wearing the practice crown, she twirled before her flighty friends. Her dress glowed in the sun, the sheer silk now a star.


July 3rd

‘Everyone, to the storm shelter,’ he announced over the PA system. Students and teachers hurried across fading linoleum to the door he held open. He stood grim like a statue, unfazed by cries and the odd yell. His #equanimity lasted until the tornado touched down.


July 4th

#Liberty taunted her from behind steel bars, and with the jingling footsteps of guards. But she tasted it in her dreams. The walls of her cell dissolved into an urban landscape, filled with unfamiliar smells and sights.

Another mark on the wall of her ten-year sentence.


July 5th

Her fingers shook, reaching for the rope, afraid her other hand might slip. If I can get off this cliff, I’ll #contact EMTs, she mused. Clutching the rough, woven twine, she climbed with bloody hands.

On solid ground, she glanced down at the crumpled body of her friend.


July 6th

Black paws #unfurled, revealing white claws that scratched the ground. Crimson drops fell from the creature’s fangs and decorated the prints it left in its wake. Red and blue lights shimmered off its silver fur whilst sirens rang tirelessly. Its roar silenced the noise.


July 7th

‘I don’t love you anymore,’ she whispered into the phone and hung up. The words shredded the remaining piece of her heart, but the lie was necessary.

‘He’ll be safer if he doesn’t know or follow,’ her boss said, ignorant to the #sting of her words.

‘I know, ma’am.’


July 8th

‘You tried to #reach me?’ He asked his wife upon arriving home.
She smiled, ‘It wasn’t anything serious.’
Nodding, he let the matter drop and disappeared into his office.
The smile faded from her lips and tears fell in the silence. She sank to floor, swallowed by despair.


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