She clasped her grandmother’s hand in hers,
stunned by the weakness and frailty
of the skinny fingers.
Machines beeped in the sanitary hospital room.
The words ‘Palliative Care’
Crisp on the walls.
A sob was wrenched from her mother’s throat
And she watched the first tear drop
Many would soon follow.
Wetness coated her own cheeks in silence
Unable to disrupt the mourning
Despite the life beside them.
That night her father came to get her from the dreary room
And her mother urged her to go and said,
“Grandma won’t pass if you’re here.”
She offered a weak smile, knowing her grandpa was there
In spirit for both her mom and grandma
And she walked away willingly.
In the middle of the night, she woke to heartbreak
And knew her grandma had left this world.
A happy soul now gone forever.
Cries echoed down the hallway when her mother returned
And she wiped away her own sorrows to put on her face.
A warrior’s mask to support her mom
And fight her demons with her.

5 thoughts on “Mourning

  1. An extremely heart-touching post indeed, because grandmothers are angels in disguise, and we don’t deserve them, besides this reminded me of the time I lost a loved one as well, though I wasn’t present beside her, for she lived too far away..

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    1. It’s so true. Grandmothers are the best. I was lucky to be by my grandmother’s side at the end, but sadly she lost consciousness before I said goodbye. She knows I loved her though.

      I am sorry you weren’t able to be by your loved one when they passed. It is difficult to be denied a goodbye. I am also sorry my post evoked a sad memory alongside the fond ones. *hugs*


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