Reading: All I’m Doing Today

Since I’ve finished my book for the moment, I’m taking the day ‘off’, and going to read. I haven’t done much reading and it is definitely essential if you want to write. So… I need to catch up on it.

Honestly, I might take a break or two from reading and knit or draw. Perhaps find an interesting writing prompt and attempt a short story. Who knows?

What I do know is, my book is on pause before I reread it and check the new details/sections/etc that I added. Better to do that when it isn’t so fresh in the mind. (Damn autocorrect in our brains!) Reading someone else’s work should help me get my own story out of my mind for when I need to check it again, too.

The background noise will be rotation of almost pure silence, a black cat frequently meowing, and snoring, dreaming dogs. Perhaps some music at points, too!

That”s all for today! Hope you guys are running towards your goals and achieving them too!

A writer is a reader who is moved to emulation. ~ Saul Bellow



5 thoughts on “Reading: All I’m Doing Today

  1. Hi Kelsey, Interesting post. “Breaks” are in my radar lately. Maybe, the message is I should take a break. I read something recently how important the space is between the lines. Possibly, the space between your creativity. Likely, up to interpretation. I know you will ultimately be successful.

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    1. Thank you! And I would definitely take it as a sign you should take a break if it was you’re seeing around you!

      It is up to interpretation, but I am inclined to agree it could mean the space between one’s creativity.

      And thank you again! ^.^

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