Knitted My First Hat!

I know, I know. Another post about knitting. However, I am very excited about this one!

For Christmas, I got two fox topped hat kits (for infants and children size-wise) to do. Knitting stuff for babies satisfy my baby fever for right now, and I have a baby cocoon to do next.


This was the easy part for me. It involves a 5.5mm circular needle, 16 inches in length. After casting on so many stitches, you keep going in a circle, joining them. After knitting and purling alternatively, you have a ribbed bottom (which is sooooo cute!). Continue knitting the knit stitch to get a stockinette stitch, and you’ve reached the limit of my abilities (at the time).

Once I hit this part, it was time to call in the expert and my knitting mentor. My Mom.

She showed me how to move it from the circular needles to the double pointed needles, and how the fourth needle is used to knit stitches.


Then we added K2tog (knit two together) which forms one stitch, and helps reduce the row to fewer and fewer stitches. The white markers help keep count, and indicate where the k2tog happens.

The pattern told me to keep going in full rounds until I only had six live stitches.


This is where I got to weave the tail (created by cutting the yarn) through them twice, and secured it. That created the hat.

After that, the kit provides a white foam piece to put the fox head on the knitted piece. It is simply tied on place, and voila!


That is the finished product, and it is so fricken adorable! The brown yarn part is super soft and cuddly!

Baby fever satisfied for the moment, and I have enough left from the first kit to make another infant (or possibly child) sized hat! I’ll wait to do it though. I’m at a point where I enjoy learning something new from a project, or creating something I haven’t yet.



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