What I Am Reading

I have officially started reading A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. I am only two chapters in, but I am enjoying the writing style for sure. I expected it to be similar to J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series yet I am appreciating the fact that it is not.

When a book hooks me, I tend to finish it pretty quick, unable to stop reading it. However with books like Lord of the Rings or The Prince of Nothing series, it took months to read. I did enjoy them the whole way through, but they were painstakingly dull at times.

I can’t explain why I felt A Game of Thrones would be similar to Lord of the Rings in terms of writing. Maybe the hype? Its genre? Anyway, while I find it more modern, or easier to read, it does have a formal tone in its language that I envy. I believe it makes it sophisticated, and somehow makes a book more attractive to readers.

Readers may like easy reads, but many enjoy a more complex story, settings, character development. I want to build worlds like a great many authors do outside the confines of our world, or even revealing fantastical layers of it. I guess that is why I am trying to read the books I am, to figure it out.

A Game of Thrones has inspiring phrases, or fragments of sentences that I might just use for some more poems, or maybe an attempt at a short story. After all I do believe all writer’s go through a period of trying to find their own voice, and mimicking their favourite authors on the way. It is educational, I think, and might do me some good in the end.




9 thoughts on “What I Am Reading

  1. I’ve been thinking of reading the Game of Thrones Series myself! You’re not alone in thinking that writing style might be similar to the Lord it’s of Rings series. I thought it might be also! It’s interesting that it’s not! Now I’m really curious! I definitely plan on getting my hands on the Game of Thrones series!

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    1. I am struggling to get through it, if I’m honest. I don’t know if it is, because I have watched the series or if it just isn’t as grabbing as I thought it would be. Still on the first book (don’t tell that to anybody though), and hoping the other books are better (?) to read. 🙂

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      1. Lol. Hopefully! Maybe as you continue you’ll reach a point where you’ll be happy you stuck by it! By the way, am I following you on Twitter? What’s your user name there?

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      2. I am still enjoying the read, but… it just isn’t consuming like a book usually does. I’ll get through it, and be glad for reading the style. 🙂

        Looks like you are! I just followed you back! ^.^

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      3. Lol. It definitely is tough! Eventually I just drop it and move on to something else! Free time is hard to come by, so why use it to do something you’re not enjoying?

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